Beyonce and the World Tour, a new concert date for 2017

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

A shock for Beyonce fans: a new date Training World Tour has just been added on Tidal for the summer of 2017 in Europe.

It is hard to understand everything … While Beyonce has scored Coachella history by being the first black woman to headline since the birth of the festival, it’s been several months since the American superstar completed his Last world tour: the World Tour. Between April and October 2016, Queen Bey had only delivered 49 concert dates, exclusively in Europe and North America . Many fans were obviously disappointed that their idol did not come home with the incredible device of the World Tour. Except this weekend, a new date for the tour – which seemed over – just made its appearance on the platform Tidal. What does that mean?
Several rumors claimed that Beyoncé would take the World Education Tour in 2017 . And now with the new elements we just discovered, it really hesitant to believe … A new date concert tour Beyoncé just added Saturday, July 29, 2017 in Amsterdam . Is this a mistake on the part of the Tidal teams? Strange to put this kind of information online for subscribers of the platform of Jay Z if it was not true … For now, we wait to see how it will evolve and maybe, An official announcement will soon be made? We dream in all cases to see her on stage in France! If she takes the Training World Tour in 2017, Beyoncé largely risk to stand out from Rihanna in the coming months. Beyoncé back with FWT, what do you think?