Beyonce inspired Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

Entertainment 16 April, 2017

Beyonce is also a source of inspiration for the stars! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds take the lead on Queen Bey …
Beyonce and Jay Z are having a romantic getaway in Bora Bora to celebrate their 9th anniversary ! According to a source from the site E! News : “They stayed in a secluded villa on a private boat island, they were very discreet and did not leave the villa very much.” Jay Z went jet-skiing several times and Beyonce looked at him. Swam and relaxed, they read, took naps and relaxed, they were lovely with the staff ” . No doubt, Beyoncé and Jay Z are in heaven! The singer posted a very moving video recounting the most beautiful moments of their wedding years on Instagram, as well as very romantic photos embellished with touching love declarations to her husband. Twin enclosure, Queen Bey exudes happiness and it’s fun to see. And it would seem that the happiness of the beautiful inspired her BFF Blake Lively ! The actress is also part of a romantic getaway with her darling Ryan Reynolds, headed for Hawaii.
And on the spot Blake Lively was inspired by Beyoncé posing for her husband on the beach. An improvised photo session that reminds us of the clichés that Jay Z frequently takes from his wife when they are on vacation, and which even evokes the clip Drunk In Love . But difficult to get to Beyoncé’s level of mastery, which when it comes to shooting, is clearly unbeatable! Just look at the surprising, strange and sublime photos with which she has chosen to announce her pregnancy. Is not Queen Bey that wants! One thing is for sure, Beyoncé, who shared the adorable photos of her wedding anniversary with Jay Z , seems to be more fulfilling than ever. Not only was his latest album critically acclaimed, But she also expects twins and gets pampered by her husband while enjoying her pregnancy. No doubt, Bey has enough to inspire us all … What do you think of Beyonce?