Beyonce pregnant and about to give birth, she makes a great decision!

Entertainment 8 May, 2017

Get ready because Beyonce will soon give birth to her twins! The singer made an important decision.
For some days, a crazy rumor has invaded the Web. According to some Internet users, Beyoncé would make injections in the lips. A charge to which she quickly gave a shattering answer . Yes, Queen B does not have time for dramas and other polemics! She prefers to focus on the most important: her pregnancy. You are not without knowing that the wife of Jay Z is soon to end and should give birth incessantly shortly. Great news for the fans of the star who are waiting for one and only thing: to meet their little babies. But be reassured, this birth is already under control. If we believe Radar Online, Beyonce took things in hand like a boss.
But what is this big decision made by Beyoncé ? According to the American tabloid, Blue Ivy’s mom who recently unveiled her baby bump in an adorable video, is currently renting a house near the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles . The clinic she has chosen to welcome her babies. According to the informant, the situation would be a bit complicated for the Carter-Knowles couple. Both parents would be very stressed by the arrival of the twins. The reason ? If they have just offered a nest of love for the tidy sum of $ 120 million, the move has not yet taken place. From then on, Beyoncé would have preferred to rent a house near the hospital. A way for the future mom to avoid as much as possible to be anxious. Let’s hope that everything happens for the better. In any case, to the editing of melty, we are already haste! And you, are you in a hurry to get to know the twins of Queen B?