Beyonce pregnant, Jay Z and Solange fight to attend the birth!

Entertainment 15 May, 2017

Nothing goes around Beyoncé … While the singer is about to give birth to her babies, it is the war between her husband Jay Z and his sister Solange!
Beyonce pregnant, the singer has diva requirements for her childbirth . Yes, nothing should be left to chance for the future mom. So that no photo leaks in the press, Queen B would even have asked that the cameras be extinguished near her room in the hospital. A request that can be understood. Beyoncé seems ready to welcome his twins and fans are also eagerly waiting to make their acquaintance. Unfortunately, it will still have to be a little patient since it is estimated that the interpreter of “Training” should give birth during the month of June. And while she’s on her little cloud since the announcement of her pregnancy, a detail comes spoil everything:
What’s happening ? If we know that Jay Z and Solange have already had an altercation in 2014 in the famous elevator of the Met Gala , their relationship does not seem to have subsided since. It’s even worse! According to the revelations of Radar Online , the husband and the sister of Queen B would bicker to attend the birth of the star . “Solange is often with Beyoncé, she participates in her prenatal yoga classes and even passes oil on her stomach to avoid stretch marks.” Jay, insists that it is her job to be present during The birth of his children and he wants Solange to be in the waiting room. ” Ouch… Not sure it would please Beyoncé ‘s brother . The tensions are then not ready to disappear. Anyway, let’s hope that they quickly find common ground and a solution to all this drama. Like Brad Pitt who is now ready for anything to stay sober and recover Angelina Jolie . In your opinion, will the relationship between Solange and Jay Z be improved?