Beyonce: The exorbitant price of his posts Instagram unveiled!

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

If Beyonce posts little on Instagram, she makes a small fortune with each publication. Come on, tell a price …
Since the beginning of his career, Beyoncé has built a real empire . In the company of her husband, Jay Z, she managed to build something incredible. The Carter family weighs and nothing seems to be able to reach them. Whether in food, clothing and of course the music industry, they are simply at the top. But is it all marketing for the Hollywood flagship couple? We are not going to lie, when Beyoncé reveals Die With You the day of the nine years of her wedding anniversary with Jay Z, we think there is an eel under rock. Today, this is another piece of information that has come to the attention of D’Marie Analytics. The exorbitant price of Beyoncé’s Instagram posts was unveiled .
If Beyonce does not regularly post on the social network, she simply makes a small fortune each time. If Queen B is not the most followed person on Instagram (hello Selena Gomez), she remains the most influential. According to the analysis site, Jay Z’s wife could win for nearly $ 1 million for each publication . In comparison, Kim Kardashian would receive “only” $ 500,000 for a post. Say whaaat? Good bah, here it is! So, when Beyonce gives a new clue about the sex of her twins on Instagram, she has to make the prize fart! But here, the interpreter of “Drunk In Love” does not seem interested in the sponsored publications.