Bigflo & Oli: From Stromae to Joey Starr, discover the unexpected collaborations on La Vraie Vie

Entertainment 29 May, 2017

Bigflo and Oli have unveiled the featurings of their new album, La vraie vie. And they had some surprises for us.
At the beginning of the month, Bigflo and Oli unveiled the first extract of their new album, “La vraie vie” . A small bomb, on which the two brothers are darker and more mature than in the past. As a result, Real Life has returned directly to our list of the most anticipated rap albums of the year 2017, alongside Rohff, Booba and La Fouine. Since this clip, the two brothers have given us a little slap with the festive “Then Then” . And while their new album is not expected to arrive in the ferries, the two revels have unveiled the featurings that can be heard on it. Discover them now.
In the real life track, Bigflo and Oli sent a pike to Orelsan , who did not want to do feat with them. It was already known that on this new opus, one would not hear on the one who forms the group Casseurs Flowteurs with Gringe. For the rest, the two brothers decided to announce a feat a day at the end of last week: they began by revealing their collaboration with their father, Fabian, on the piece “Papa” ; Then, they chained by revealing that they made a feat with the legend of the rap US, Busta Rhymes; The day after, it was the name of Joey Starr that they revealed, they who “needed a melancholy pirate voice” for one of their song; finally, The two brothers had the chance to collaborate with Stromae, who co-composed one of their song. We do not know you, but now that we know all this, in the editorial, we have only one hurry: listen to Real life as soon as possible … What do you think of the guests of The real life, the new album Of Bigflo and Oli?