Blac Chyna: Kris Jenner gives him money to leave Rob Kardashian!

Entertainment 21 December, 2016

Anger rises within the Kardashian family. Very upset, Kris Jenner would have offered money to Blac Chyna to leave Rob Kardashian.
Nothing goes for the most famous family of American TV. For several months, the Kardashian clan seems to be going through a complicated phase. Whether with Kim Kardashian’s robbery during October’s Fashion Week in Paris, Kendall Jenner’s stalker or Kanye West’s entry into a psychiatric hospital, it’s hard to know where to head. Moreover, there are many 5 signs that prove that the empire Kardashian / Jenner is collapsing . The momager, Kris Jenner, can no longer control her loved ones. Besides, she plans to take matters into her own hands. After the big bad buzz Blac Chyna and his son, Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner wanted to put the record straight with his (former?) Beautiful girl. Furious, she would have offered money to Tyga’s former companion to leave Rob. Sorry ?
Tensions are palpable within the family. If Kim Kardashian accuses Blac Chyna want to break the Kardashian empire , Kris Jenner is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Moreover, we learn that “Some family members wanted Rob separates Chyna saying, ‘On you had told. You deserve better” . Subsequently, it is the Star site that adds a layer. The source said reports that Kris Jenner reportedly offered nearly $ 5 million in Blac Chyna to leave Rob and let him custody of Renee Dream. The indiscreet also made unexpected statements about the feelings of the former model: “Everybody knows she does not like she could take the money and make a living.” . That puts a pavement in the pool. If the separation of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna looks like a big buzz , one wonders what awaits the couple in the next days.