Blindspot season 2: Jamie Alexander tease a shocking death! Who will be the next victim?

Cinema 28 January, 2017

While the broadcast of the season 2 of Blindspot continues, Jamie Alexander teases a shocking death in the next episodes! Who will be the victim?
Death will strike! While we would dévoilions when released episode 13 of season 2 of Blindspot , we learn a new word will disturb the tranquility any relative within the FBI team. Indeed, as we have already lost Mayfair, death will strike again once during the episode 16. During a recent interview, Jaimie Alexander reported: “There is a shocking death very soon, in the scenario I read last week! I do not know what will happen next. it’s very sad . ” So who is the next victim of the series of NBC ? Be assured of one thing: Weller and Jane are not in danger , but we fear that death a touch of their friends or relatives? In this game: 3 names stand out!
First of all, Borden’s. Although he is acting on behalf of Shepherd, he never felt very comfortable with the actions of Shepherd. Moreover, since his relationship with Patterson, he seems to have regained the serenity he had lost. He could act like Sheperd, to protect the FBI team, which would cost him his life. Such a sacrifice would not fail to break a little more Patterson and offer us an intense moment of emotion.
Jane and her brother have found themselves this season, with the help of Shepherd, who is none other than their adoptive mother. As we have seen, they have attempted to repair their relationship, which has been particularly delicate. Nevertheless, they seem to come closer and recently the brother and sister talked a lot while some of their memories resurface. Also, Roman played a role in the last mission of the FBI. Now things start to improve, the death of Roman would certainly be devastating for Jane.
In addition to being the new leader of the FBI, she maintains a relationship with Kurt. Since Bethany Mayfair – the team leader in Season 1 – is dead, the same could happen again in Season 2 as the character of Naz has trouble federating viewers. Moreover, this loss could create some interesting twists : a promotion for Kurt, a new chance for Kurt and Jane rekindle their romance. After discovering that Kurt is a double agent, what will happen in episode 13 of Season 2 of Blindspot? Who could die according to you?