Booba: Patrice Quarteron boxing faster than him, video evidence

Entertainment 22 April, 2017

After seeing the video of Booba boxing, Patrice Quarteron wanted to show him that it could do the same in 10 times faster.
In full clash with Kaaris (who is part of the rappers who have signs of hands) , Booba did not, but then not at all kiffé to see Patrice Quarteron take position in favor of his rival. Result, he attacked the boxer (notably through the track “Daniel Sam” ), who did not ask to reply in return. Since then, Booba VS Patrice Quarteron has become a clash apart, which the rapper wanted to end a few weeks ago. Still, the boxer continues to regularly attack the rapper, whether by mocking his wife or him directly, as he just did on his Instagram account.
“Maxi blarff puts the adsl”, he declares, commenting on a video on which he can be seen boxing at the speed of lightning. A video and a commentary that refer to the video posted a few days ago by the B2O on which he was seen boxing at a slightly more paceous rhythm than his rival. While we wondered recently whether Booba could one day make peace with Rohff with the conclusion that there was little chance that it would happen, at the sight of this video, one can say that it is Also far from arriving between the rapper and Patrice Quarteron … And you, do you think Booba and Patrice Quarteron will make peace one day?