Booba, Rohff, La Fouine, Jul … The most anticipated rap albums of the year

Entertainment 16 April, 2017

Whilst French rap has already been heavy since early 2017, the rest of the year looks even more eerie.
For some years now, French rap is experiencing a very beautiful period of its history. The proof ? Since the beginning of the year, we have already had plenty of albums of very good quality: Agartha de Vald, # JeSuisPasséChezSo Sofiane, Ghost of Rim’K, God Bless Supersound 2 of Sneazzy, Grand Cru of Deen Burbigo , The free album of Jul, Force & Honor of Lacrim (that we met for the occasion) … And yes, in just 3 months, we already had all that. And fortunately for us, it’s not over! Because yes, there is still very very heavy to come … The proof with the list below.
As of next month, SCH will return with Deo Favente, his new album that he has just announced recently. In May, we will also have the right to Bandit dirt , the new opus of Sofiane , which is decidedly hyper productive at the moment. For the rest, we do not really have a release date, rappers do not like to advertise their albums months in advance. But in disorder, we will have a priori the right to: three new albums of Jul (what would a year without 4 albums of Jul?), The new mixtape of La Fouine Capital of Crime Censored , the new album of Rohff Supernatural , The new album of Booba which should arrive at the re-entry, The new mixtape of Gradur Sheguey Vara 3 , the new album of Joke Ultra-violet , the new solo album of Orelsan, the new album of the Sexion d’Assaut The return of the kings , a new album of 1995 … In short Of the year looks just overshadowed. Which French rap album do you expect the most this year?