Booba vs. Patrice Quarteron, he becomes the king of the clash with this image

Entertainment 11 April, 2017

Did Booba just relaunch his clash with Patrice Quarteron? This image may not be displayed properly.
Booba and the clash … A great story! He began by completing La Fouine, Rohff and Kaaris with a simple photo , it still had a little energy to put ko Patrice Quarteron . Remember, the rapper and the boxer went into an endless war a few months ago. Instagram had become a real battlefield where the two guys would confront each other with photos, astounding legends and hashtags more or less sought after. Things had subsided in recent months, but it would seem that it was only calm before the storm. The proof with the new publication of Booba .
Booba starts his clashes on Instagram and finishes them in music. That’s what he did with Patrice Quarteron. After spikes thrown on the canvas, the rapper had completely dropped with his tube “Daniel Sam” where he chained the punchlines against his opponent. It seems that the public rather kiffé this small revenge since the title has just been certified single gold like the album of Lacrim in just one week . A new one that Booba has shared shared by adding a legend 100% hashtags: # niquerdesmèresameremunère #DanielSam # cenesta #behavior # rdvarenterclashes # onewainlyfromthemainthingshould have neverbeenfrom #lmlvsb # thanks toapiraterie ” No comment to add … The message is quite clear. How do you think Patrice Quarteron is going to be?