Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separate: Is the actor depressed, Jennifer Aniston will call him?

Entertainment 11 April, 2017

Another rebound in the Brangelina. Since his divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is depressed. Will Jennifer Aniston call him after her mother’s request?
There’s a rumor that we did not see coming. At the moment, Brad Pitt appeared very emaciated but fortunately his friends took his defense to silence the noises. On the other hand, her mother would not be of this opinion and is very worried by seeing her condition deteriorate. Indeed, Brad Pitt would be depressed and spend all his time in a studio to do sculpture while listening to sad music. Her mother decided to take the lead and call her ex-daughter-in-law, Jennifer Aniston, whom she still considers her own daughter to bring comfort to Brad. Jane Pitt asked her to call him and take care of him. We know one who will not really appreciate this gesture if this rumor is announced truthful. But if so, is Jennifer Aniston going to help Brad Pitt, her ex-husband? Everything is possible !
Numerous reports circulate that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are still in touch. Besides, the actress and Justin Theroux would be on the brink of divorce because of him . Although it is hoped that this rumor is false, one can only wonder about its authenticity. In addition, if Jennifer Aniston helps her ex-husband climb the slope during this difficult time, it is clear that things are likely to be complicated. However, the actress has a heart on her hand and if Brad Pitt is experiencing difficult days, she can not be seen turning her back on him . If the father of six children needs her and she is the only one able to cheer her up, it is quite possible that she will. After all, this is only a rumor, Has been confirmed, in any case, it is hoped that Brad Pitt will soon get better and that’s all that matters! And you what do you think ?