Brad Pitt as a couple with Sienna Miller? 5 things to know about his new crush

Entertainment 11 April, 2017

It’s the rumor that scares the Web! Brad Pitt would have succumbed to the charm of Sienna Miller. Here are 5 things you may not know about the actress.
It’s no secret for a few months, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in full divorce. Moreover, the real reason for their separation may soon be revealed . In other words, the former Brangelina have not finished making the headlines of the people press. Still, everyone is trying to move forward. Like Brad Pitt who found a whole new passion: sculpture. But if he devotes himself enormously to this hobby, the actor of 53 years still takes time to return to the front of the media scene. And to find love again? According to the rumors that invade the net, it would have cracked for the beautiful eyes of a famous actress. According to Page Six , Brad Pitt would not embarrassed to flirt with Sienna Miller at the premiere night of the movie The Lost City Of Z . A favorite that could lead to a new romantic relationship? Possible! (Finally if one forgets that she is apparently already in a couple with Bennett Miller ). Anyway, here are 5 things you may not know about the actress .
If one knows that Sienna Miller has had many adventures – with Orlando Bloom or Balthazar Getty – the most striking is the one with Jude Law . It is by the end of 2003 that the two celebrities get together. A year later, the two lovebirds get engaged and then spin the perfect love. Unfortunately, the happiness is short lived because the British actor deceives her with the nanny of her children . Even if they try to reassemble the pieces, the damage is done. And it is in 201 that they say bye bye definitely. It is unknown because it is very discreet but Sienna Miller is the mother of a ”
As for the social networks, the young woman of 35 years will never be more on Instagram . For her, the application gathers everything she hates and fears. “It feeds the worst part of your soul, it’s very addictive, you get all that love at once, but ultimately you feel incredibly lonely,” she tells Vogue in 2015. On the pro side, In addition to being a talented actress, Sienna Miller owns her own fashion brand called Twenty8Twelve , which she manages with her sister Savannah . Finally, very strong of character, The star of the big screen is the first celebrity to have sued a paparazzi agency for harassment and intrusion into his private life . She earned a tidy amount of $ 80,000. Now, paparazzi no longer have the right to photograph it at home. A victory for the actress who managed to preserve her secret garden. Do you think Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller are together?