Brad Pitt as a couple with Sienna Miller? The actress speaks for the first time!

Entertainment 13 April, 2017

Are Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller the newest couple in Hollywood? The actress finally expresses their relationship!
For a few days, a crazy rumor has spread on the Web. You could not miss it because if you believe the many American tabloids, Brad Pitt would have been surprised flirting with a famous actress who is none other than Sienna Miller , ex-girlfriend Jude Law . Both present at a dinner after the premiere of The Lost City of Z , the two actors would have been very close, accomplices and would not have left the evening. The actor would then quickly succumbed to the charm of the pretty blonde. An attitude that would not have gone unnoticed. So much so that the rumors of a new idyll between the two movie stars quickly invaded the social networks.
Are the two supposed lovebirds at the beginning of their romance? This is the question everyone asks and to which Sienna Miller has finally answered. Interviewed by Page Six , the actress did not go by four ways in her statements. The young woman quickly set the record straight about her alleged romance with Brad Pitt . “I will not even lower myself to answer, it is predictable and completely absurd,” she said, smiling. Yes, while many Internet users already imagined the two celebrities cooing, it is not! The two actors are not together and it has the merit of being clear . In other words, Brad Pitt is still single … Unlike Angelina Jolie who she would be ready to remarry soon! Would you have liked Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller to be a couple?