Brad Pitt bachelor, his ex-girlfriends contact him!

Entertainment 14 April, 2017

Since Brad Pitt announced his divorce, he became Hollywood’s most coveted bachelor. So much so that his exs get back in touch with him!
Seven months after the announcement of his divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is finally ready to find love . Focusing on his professional projects, the actor of 53 does not forget women. But if he does not look for anything serious at the moment, he starts slowly to go out. He finally goes ahead and it’s good news for the actor. Because in recent months have not been easy for the producer of The Lost City of Z. His separation from his ex-wife was highly publicized and he had to fight not to lose custody of her six children. Even today, their divorce has still not been pronounced. But Brad Pitt, far from undermining his morale,
According to Page Six ‘s revelations , Brad Pitt, who is not in a relationship with Sienna Miller , would have a great success with the female gente . Moreover, several of his former girlfriends would have resumed contact with him. According to the tabloid, it would be Kate Hudson , Juliette Lewis , Christina Applegate , Thandie Newton or Gwyneth Paltrow . Old conquests that would then have tried to get closer to the beautiful blonde again. Unfortunately, these attempts would be completely useless, according to one informant: “Brad is not interested in the idea of ​​reconnecting with his exs. No party, no fun. Just work and take care of her children. He is focused on them. ” In other words, the actor would be entirely devoted to his role as a father, so it will be necessary to be patient before knowing who will make him crack … According to you, Brad Pitt is in couple currently ?