Brad Pitt: Does Angelina Jolie regret their divorce?

Entertainment 6 April, 2017

If Brad Pitt seems to go much better, the situation seems more dangerous for Angelina Jolie. Does the star regret their divorce?
It is difficult to know how ex Brangelina go. On the one hand, they seem ultra depressed and on the other, they appear smiling in their daily lives. Well, there’s one that looks a little more stable. Yes, Brad Pitt, who is completely devoted to his new passion , is recovering from the hair of the beast. Moreover, the former husband of Angelina Jolie would have found love. A rather flirty time with Kate Hudson , it seems that he has approached the actress Sandra Bullock . But then, how’s Angelina Jolie going? If a relative of the star had said that Brad missed him terribly, it must not be forgotten that she was the one who asked for the divorce for “irreconcilable disputes” .
A few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie traveled to Cambodia with her children. Indeed, according to several reliable sources, Brad Pitt would have joined Angelina Jolie and their children on this trip. The actor wants to spend the maximum time with his family. Is this a step towards the great return of Brangelina? If Angelina Jolie has already considered her life without Brad Pitt in a recent interview, it can still be seen that the Hollywood star is always on the surface. Can we then expect a come back from the Brangelina couple? Only the future will tell us. In any case, both parties seem to want to ease the tension between them for their children. This is a wise decision on the part of the two ex!