Brad Pitt flirts with a famous actress!

Entertainment 11 April, 2017

A few months after the announcement of his divorce with Angelina Jolie, has Brad Pitt found love? The star flirted with a famous British actress …
Will the real reason for the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt be finally revealed? According to a source from the site Radar Online , the brother of the actress would have played an important role in their separation. Indeed Brad Pitt would not have endured the very fusional relationship between Angelina Jolie and James Haven, and he would not have accepted that the latter would act as a nanny for their children. One thing is certain, the hopes of reconciliation between the two ex seem very thin, especially since Brad Pitt would have already had a favorite for another! According to a source from Page Six, the producer of The Lost City Of Z would have been very close to the actress Sienna Miller, who plays in the film, A dinner organized after a preview. The two stars would have flirted and would not have left the evening. Already forgotten, Angelina Jolie?
According to the source: “They seemed to enjoy the company very much, and they talked together all night.” Brad looked very good-humored, it had been a long time It looks like he’s getting better. ” Already in 2015, the press suspected the pretty actress to flirt with Brad Pitt, to the point that she had to deny in an interview, affirming that their relationship was purely professional. Yet it would not be the first time, far from it, that Sienna Miller would have seduced a colleague! The young woman includes the famous actors Jude Law and Daniel Craig among his ex. It is not known if Jennifer Aniston will contact Brad Pitt to console him after his divorce, More need his support! How will Angelina Jolie react to this rumor? What do you think of this case?