Caitlyn Jenner: Her shocking statements provoke polemic in her fans

Entertainment 9 May, 2017

Did Caitlyn Jenner go too far? Kris’s ex makes shocking revelations in a new interview …
Caitlyn and Kris Jenner are cold and the momager prepares for her revenge ! According to a source from the Radar Online site : “Kris is ready to write another autobiography in response to her ex after seeing the excellent sales of Caitlyn’s book, and it will make a new ideal scenario for The Incredible Kardashian Family. She is in a hurry . ” But not sure that Caitlyn Jenner lets himself do it! Since her transition, the ex-athlete does not hesitate to say things clearly and mocks completely what the public can think of her. Indeed the star of I Am Cait created controversy, because according to several associations LGBT it does not represent well the cause of the transsexuals. But she does not agree and she makes it known! In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Caitlyn Jenner admits that she led a privileged life, far from the sometimes very difficult fights that members of this community still stigmatized must lead. But she refuses to apologize for that.
Caitlyn Jenner answers her critics: “The criticism of my community about me is that I am white, that I have money, that I am privileged, things like that, and I understand what” I have been working very hard all my life, I have done everything I can to make a success of my life and I do not want to do anything about it. Do not apologize for that ” . But if the ex of Kris Jenner has made it possible to publicize considerably issues related to transsexuality thanks to its celebrity, the LGBT community reproaches him for not taking advantage of it to give the floor to other transgender people with different paths. In addition, she voted for Donald Trump, a choice that, Given the positions taken by the current President of the United States, does not seem logical at all. But knowing that Caitlyn Jenner wants to become the next president of the United States , she will have to listen to the critics … What do you think of the reaction of Caitlyn?