Captain Marvel: Brie Larson “It’s a heroine who believes in truth and justice”

Cinema 10 April, 2017

Captain Marvel will be the first heroine Marvel to have his solo film and it is Brie Larson who will lend him his features. The actress gave some details about her character.
The heroine is still unknown to the MCU, but it has already proved itself in the world of Comics! The solo film on Captain Marvel was announced for 2018 and Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson will bring it to life on the big screen. If we would have liked to discover it in the much awaited Avengers Infinity War , Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios announced that cinema fans would discover it in an “Origin Story”, but that it was not excluded that it Is present in Avengers 4. While waiting to start his work on Captain Marvel, Brie Larson continues to trace her way to Hollywood and can not escape the questions about heroin.
Brie Larson , recently interviewed by SciFiNow, said, “She believes in truth and justice, she is a link between two worlds, the Earth and space. She fights against her faults and for the good she would like She wants to make the world a better place, she can also fly and throw things out of her hands, and she’s very funny! ” . While waiting to learn more about Captain Marvel and if you are fans of the MCU, the first trailer of Thor Ragnarok is to discover on melty!