Cara Delevingne: Internet users impatient to see it in Valérian just for its beauty?

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

More than a few months to wait before finding the top model Cara Delevingne on all screens.
M – 2 now! You surely know, the French director Luc Besson decided to work alongside Cara Delevingne for his new film: Valérian and the City of the Thousand Planets . For months, Cara Delevingne never ceases to reveal clues about the film on her social networks. The one that bursts to death on Snapchat is really proud to be part of the heads of posters of this new fantastic feature and does not hesitate to let it know. It must be said that this last project realized by Luc Besson is very (very) expected by the public, and as proof. While awaiting the release of Valérian, some Internet users stamp on the Web, but for a strange reason.
It seems that, beyond the passion for the films of Luc Besson, that Cara Delevingne is awaited at the turn by the public. Will she be up to it? What we can already say is that the new teaser unveiled suggests in any case beautiful surprises. And some of his fans are already totally seduced. Others, on Twitter, say they were really looking forward to seeing Cara Delevingne with a shaved head in Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets because she is beautiful … But what do they do? Of his talent? In any case, that they reassure, the feature film is coming out very soon, namely the 26 of July of 2017. Go to the cinema.