CBG vs CBD Oil – Which is the Better Natural Remedy?

Health 20 December, 2019

Cannabis sativa or marijuana contains a number of chemical components. Two examples include cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG). These two substances are quite similar to each other. Both provide a number of health benefits. Also, they are not psychoactive, unlike the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is another substance found in a typical cannabis leaf. Below, you can look into the details of both types of cannabinoids and which provides the most advantages.

What makes CBG and CBD different from each other?

Chemically speaking, CBD and CBG have different structures and components. Also, these are obtained at different stages of a cannabis plant. CBG is considered as a precursor of CBD. It is found in the young sprouts of cannabis. As the plant grows, CBG gets converted into other forms of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

Besides the difference in their chemical structure, CBD and CBG also provide distinct health benefits. For starters, CBG is mostly studied for its anti-cancer properties. A study published in 2014 shows the ability of CBG in slowing down the growth rate of cancer cells. It is also effective in helping patients with bladder problems. CBG oil can slow down the muscle contractions of the urinary bladder, which effectively gets rid of urinary bladder nightmares.

CBD, on the one hand, is mostly used by patients suffering from epileptic seizures and mental health problems such as anxiety, PTSD, depression and panic attacks. Cannabidiol relieves stress and improves the mood, which, in effect, improve the overall function of the brain.

Choose a specific natural remedy for your condition

Each cannabinoid targets a specific type of ailment. Hence, if you want to pick the best option out of the two, you need to have a clear idea of why you need the CBG or CBD oil in the first place. Do you have painful muscles or joints? Do you want to boost your mood? Do you need protection against cancer?

It’s also highly recommendable to list the most noticeable symptoms you have. It will help you quickly determine which of the two cannabinoids you should use and how much you need to use. You may also ask for assistance from your healthcare provider. Do this step, especially if you’re on medication. Products with CBG or CBD might pose contraindications.

Where to buy your CBG and CBD oil

Nowadays, you can find a variety of shops that sell CBG and CBD oils. There are online shops as well as brick and mortar outlets where you can grab a few bottles of CBG or CBD. However, there are also places where you can’t find any cannabis products at all. It’s best to check if there are specific regulations that prevent the selling of cannabinoid products in your area.

Cannabinoid products are growing more and more popular across the globe because of the many advantages that it can provide. If you plan to use it as well, see to it that it’s legal in your area to avoid getting in trouble. Moreover, read the label to see whether it contains CBG or CBD. Consider your existing condition and what you hope to achieve when using a cannabinoid product.