Charmed : actress defends already the reboot being attacked by a former star of the show original

Cinema 29 May, 2018






If you don’t already know, the series Charmed is currently experiencing a good big reboot, since a new series has been produced. For the best and, probably, for the worse.

After that, it is true that we are a little hard with Charmed, everything is not to throw. The recovery of the Smiths for the credits was nice and there were a few episodes that were holding the road even if, overall, it was a little painful. Then all of a sudden, it closely monitors this new version, which will be broadcast on the channel CW and that should be respected to the letter the specifications of the series of the network.


The power of 3


There are a dozen of days, we had been entitled to a looooongue trailer of what we were expecting and the finding was not famous : mount mou, image without true relief, characters, caricature and humour limit limit, this new version of Charmed began badly. However, those who do believe in death to their project, and especially to the extent that it will have on the free world.

A bit like Sarah Jeffery, one of the sisters Pruitt, who has just published on his Twitter a message to say that his series, it’s messing’t, she had a mission and she was going to do the greatest good to the women of the world. Downright.

“I understand perfectly how the original series Charmed is dear to many of the world. For very good reasons. We are very grateful to be able to bring this reboot to life, and injecting current topics in a show which puts the spotlight on not one, not two, but three actresses of color. We look at the foundations with a great deal of respect.


Sarah Jeffery, in the center


But, when my character is attacked, when there is a rumour futile but painful that we treat disabled and see us doomed, I defend it tooth and nail, just like my sisters.

The original series will remain intact and will still be as much respected. I invite you to accompany us in this universe, to discover other stories. I also respect your refusal. But, please, let a chance to the new version in the best conditions and with kindness.

I know that our series will have a positive effect on many of women, youth and anyone who is willing to be on the good side of the story.”



Of about enough creepy ones when the analysis (including the notion of the “right side of history”) but which did not arrive by chance, as the actress has reacted to the sharp criticism of Holly Marie Combs, star of the original, which had pushed a raise the roof a few days ago asking what was “daring, fun and feminist in a series which says, roughly, that the actresses in the original are too old to do the same work that was 12 years ago.”

And bah, it’s a good start, this case…


Holly Marie Combs, not super happy