Class: Episode 4, a heart for two, our criticism

Cinema 6 November, 2016

This week in episode 4 of Class, April is at the heart of events because of its link with the Shadow King. She is the young woman die? Can she fight? Here’s our review.

bbc-class-patrick-ness-doctor-who-spin-offA heart for two . Since the first episode of the series, the soft April has to share his heart with Corakinus, the Shadow King. If until now there had been no direct consequences, there is nothing in this episode 4 nicely titled “Co-owner of a lonely heart”. The king of the Shadowkins trying all out to get his heart and not share anything with the young Earth. Unfortunately, the experiences he tries make only strengthen the link between the two. Worse, they share more their emotions, their personalities and skills. April is so full of rage and hatred and can show the two swords of the Shadow King when she gets angry. Moreover, it has reason to get excited this week. After having revealed his complicated family history in episode 3 of Class, which is critical to read melty , her father out of prison and tries to reconnect with his daughter. Sophie Hopkins has something to shine in this intense episode his character . To our surprise, this episode 4 is the first part of a double episode and April as Sophie have not finished itself as the soul of show.

There is something that emerges from this character. April manages to fly over the other characters. She fascinates yet it is the teenager the most stereotypical of the lot. She did nothing that really stands out yet. More than Charlie, who is the most complex character, the most mysterious and least obvious, April subjugates. It remains for us to see that Patrick Ness in store for him next week. Anyway, this episode 4 Class which we give you 3 reasons to watch the spin-off of Doctor Who , is a great success for her, even if there is reason to be frustrated by the fact that this is a first part which clearly lacks clear challenge from the start. We sail a bit on sight even if it is not disturbing. The plot of April leaves little room for his comrades. Only Charlie and Mateusz get out with dignity while Tanya and Miss Quill are relegated to 3rd level. Mateusz therefore discovers the cabinet of the souls of the Rhodians and he questions his alien lover on the result of the use of the weapon. Did he use by the end of the season? Anyway, Miss Quill discovers his lie and she is not happy.

The master / slave relationship, protected / protector between Charlie and Miss Quill returns to the front of the stage for the worst. Professor of Coal Hill Academy is offered a deal that seems tempting him. The new director of the institution, who works for The Governors (who are they?), Suggests that she could help him recover his freedom. It is highly likely that Andrea may jump at the chance. But all that will be seen in the second part of this adventure. Episode 4 laying a solid foundation for continued and therefore the scriptwriting costs of this double adventure. That said, we really appreciate this episode continues to explore the dark sides of our new whovians hero . Their weaknesses are actually strengths and it is nice to see Patrick Ness tackle to describe his characters this way. Did you like this new episode of Class?