Clem season 7: Clem vs. Charlotte, can Stephane’s daughter destroy the new couple? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 27 January, 2017

While Clem’s Season 7 is coming to an end, will Clem manage to get Charlotte’s acceptance? The editing of melty has looked into the matter!
A dangerous rivalry? And yes the meltynauts, the end of the last episode of Clem has made things clear: Charlotte is the daughter of Stéphane and she does not intend to accept without broaching the relationship that unites his father to the pretty brunette. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover if you have followed the episode 4 season 7 Clem Charlotte she will succeed in separating the young couple? Indeed, Charlotte proved to us that she had a strong temperament. Resulting in Salome in his nonsense, the girl has ceased to be noticed and cause adults trying somehow to integrate in their new school . So inevitably, we are convinced that the idea of ​​having Clem as mother-in-law will not be easy to swallow for her. Will it then do everything possible to push them to break? The answer is yes ! So, Charlotte is going to do everything to crack our heroine even going as far as attacking Valentin and Emma.
A situation dangerous for the couple still fragile. Caught between two fires, Stéphane could decide to give priority to his daughter. Will Charlotte finally make amends? Will she be able to apologize and let her father be happy? We will have to wait to be clear. One thing is certain, many obstacles still stand in the way of Clem and Stéphane . Will our heroine finally manage to be happy? A few days after the broadcast of the last episode of the seventh season of the series Family of TF1 , we’re just eager to know how evolve our favorite characters. Pending further information, discover Leah Lopez confidences regarding the behavior of rayane bensetti the filming of Season 7 of Clem on melty. Do you think that Charlotte can destroy the couple formed by Clem and Stephane?