Clem Season 7: Episode 2 Tonight, Clem and Jerome fight to save their marriage!

Cinema 9 January, 2017

While Clem Season 7 will offer two new episodes this evening on TF1, will Clem and Jerome save their marriage and their families?

A relationship doomed to fail? And yes the meltynauts, after two first rather turbulent episodes, Clem and Jerome are now on the breach. Can they still save their marriage despite all that separates them from now on? While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover what would happen to Valentin and Emma if Clem and Jerome were to separate in season 7 of Clem , back in detail on the major events that punctuate “We All Loved Each Other So Much ” aired in two parts tonight on TF1 . And the least that can be said is that tensions will always be there. Indeed, despite their open-hearted discussion, Clem and Jerome will always have difficulty communicating. And when Clem realizes that there may have been something between Alice and her husband, not sure they can overcome this new ordeal. But then, will the couple manage to avoid a painful divorce? We will have to wait to
Meanwhile, Caro embarks on a cooking course she has won thanks to the support of Marie-France. Very close to the chief Alex Girouin, the grandmother of Valentin lives, in reality, a passionate romance with the cook . An adventure that will quickly get in the way of Caro who is already trying to get members of the brigade. Is the marriage of Marie-France and Michel threatened? For his part, Dimitri will become friends with one of his colleagues. A nascent friendship that will quickly turn into a fear for Dimi since it will have been hard to bear the rapprochement of Salome and Ben. Will the two teenagers succumb to their mutual attraction? Until that evening, discover which character you are in season 7 of Clem on melty. Are you anxious to know if Clem and Jerome will be able to save their marriage?