Clem season 7: Episode 4, Can Clem and Stephane make their story last week on TF1?

Cinema 17 January, 2017

While episode 4 of season 7 of Clem will be broadcast next week on TF1, let’s return together on the main events that will mark “Mom, where are you?”
An unsustainable suspense! And yes meltynautes, our hero still many adventures in store for us next week on TF1 . While the editorial ‘of melty announced that rayane bensetti (Dimitri) left the series in episode 3 of season 7 of Clem , know that Caro will be in a downright dramatic situation. Indeed, between her work and the return of her father in her life, the mother of a family is succumbing to a burn-out. Extreme fatigue that could quickly turn into depression. Will she manage to get out and keep her shop? Meanwhile, the difficulties begin for Clem and Stephane. Thus, Stéphane obtained the alternate guard of his daughter, Charlotte. A teenage girl who does not see a good eye this new story . But she will not be the only one to have doubts since Valentin will also discover that her mother has rebuilt her life. The boy will have had difficulty accepting that someone can replace Jerome.
Hardly begun, the history of Clem and Stéphane will face many obstacles. For her part, Salomé will meet Charlotte and this one will have a very bad influence on the pretty brunette. Fortunately, Adrian should be present to reason Salome. Finally, Marie-France and Michel, now reconciled, decide that it is time for them to renew their vows . This is a ceremony that we look forward to. One thing is certain, Clem’s new season is coming to an end and so we have to savor every episode as it should be. Pending more information, see who will be the new love in season 7 Clem Clem on melty. What do you think of the couple formed by Clem and Stephane?