Clem Season 8: 3 things we want to see in the next episodes!

Cinema 1 February, 2017

While Clem’s Season 8 will not air until next year, here are three things we want to see in the upcoming episodes!
It’s already over! And yes meltynautes, after we reveled adventures of our heroes for five weeks on TF1 , it is already time to turn to the eighth chapter of Clem. Indeed, our favorite characters have experienced dramatic events but also exceptional moments during the seventh season. Clem between divorce and Jerome, the forgiveness of Adrian, burnout Caroline’s marriage and Adrian Alyzée or the relationship of Salome and Ben, the family series of the first chain knows how to reach us heart . While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover if you have followed the season 7 of Clem , here are three things we absolutely want to see in future episodes!
Clem’s decision
At the end of the last episode, Clem and Stéphane were ready to give themselves another chance. Yes, but they do not have the same cravings. If our heroine not wish at all to live with her prince charming, Stéphane can not imagine that they can have two different apartments . Yet we know how much their cohabitation has put a chill between the two lovers who have almost been separated for good. But then, what decision will the young woman take? Who knows ? She might even decide to embark on a new love affair by then.
Punctual apparitions of the old
And yes, three emblematic characters of the series will be absent from the next episodes. Indeed, Rayane Bensetti, Benoît Michel and Kevin Elarbi decided to sail to new horizons. However, nothing prevents them from making a few punctual appearances in order to preserve their timetables but also the heart of the fans. Thus, Dimitri, Jerome and Hicham are beloved characters viewers and we still hope to see the same few scenes .
A second child for Alyzee and Adrian
We are not going to lie, Alyzée and Adrian do not at all consider their future in the same way. When one wishes to enjoy life and his child, the other projects himself very far and already wants other babies. This problem should therefore be explored as of next season. We are extremely curious to know if the beautiful Alyzée will accept to give a new child to Adrian or if his refusal will cause the couple to question. One thing is certain, Clem’s season 8 never seemed so far away. Meanwhile, relive the day with me … Clem became inescapable on TF1. What do you want to see in season 8 of Clem?