Contraceptive Implants Essure : Bayer covered by a group action

Health 9 July, 2017


Published the 09.07.2017 at 12h54


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Following the death of a mother of a French family is the bearer of a contraceptive implant Essure, the association of patients Resist going to launch next September a group action against its manufacturer, Bayer HealthCare, according to an information of the World. The mother of three children had contracted “a strong allergy to nickel” in July 2016. Her husband said that on the 14th of February last, it had finally been ” operated laparoscopically to remove the [implants] Essure, as well as the fallopian tubes and the uterus. This 20 February, my wife passed away due to a pulmonary embolism, ” says the World.

The German laboratory has marketed the medical device since 2002. About one million units have been sold in the world. In France, 240 000 women have had recourse to this device, according to the figures disclosed by the laboratory Bayer, and as cited in Le Parisien.
The collective procedure that the association will Resist intends to hire allows consumers claiming to be victims of the same prejudice on the part of a professional to act jointly in court. The complaint should cover more than 400 folders.

Common side effects

The device, Essure is in the form of a small implant placed into the fallopian Tubes by a gynaecologist entitled to this gesture. It causes fibrosis which clogs the channel, causing permanent sterility.

It is recommended as a priority in France for women intolerant to contraceptives with hormones.

But the side effects may be more common than announced. A survey conducted among the members of the association Resist has shown that 90% of them suffer from abnormal fatigue since the installation. 7 out of 10 also complain of muscle problems, articular, or pulmonary. Depressions are also reported.

Brazil withdrew the implant from the market

Following the explosion of the reports, the conditions of placement of the implant had been revised in February 2016. At this date, the ministry of Health had reduced, in a decree, the list of establishments authorised to implant the device, Essure.
Last February the Brazil ordered the withdrawal from the market of the cochlear implant and the suspension of its sales, its distribution and its use.