Dead of Summer and Conviction: First cancellations of the season for Freeform and ABC!

Cinema 9 November, 2016

While the serial 2016/2017 season continues, the first fall for cancellations Dead of Summer and Conviction, respectively broadcast by ABC and Freeform!

hayley-atwell-eddie-cahill-shawn-ashmoreIt starts! We wondered what would be the first series of the year 2016/2017 has to be canceled and it is ultimately the network ABC has unsheathed the first canceling Conviction for which we offered you our review of episode 1 . Indeed, the chain owned by Disney decided not to implement the 13 episodes that make up this series. For Hayley Atwell is the second consecutive failure after that of Agent Carter , where she held the title role. For now, nothing has been said about the continued dissemination of the show, in its case Monday at 10 am, after 14 November. His last episode, the fifth was followed by 3.6 million viewers, for a rate of 0.7 on the target advertisers fetish (18-34 years). Remember, Conviction proposed us to follow the daughter of a former president who became head of agency reviewing court cases on the falsely accused. The disappearance of the series will be in the almost general indifference, giving due to very bad reviews from the press.

After the cancellation of Guilt, who will not know season 2 , the ABC group also announced that Dead of Summer , broadcast on its cable channel Freeform would not know of season 2. Designed by the creators of Once Upon a Time , this anthology series led us to a summer camp to prey to the many demonic threats. The series will have 10 episodes known that without really knowing the success both in terms of audience or critics term. Small consolation for the fans, Dead of Summer has had a real end . Now that the ball is launched cancellations, what will the next series to suffer this doom. What do you think of these cancellations?