Deadpool 2: A James Bond in the role of Cable?

Cinema 17 January, 2017

It’s THE photo that made the web shake since this morning. And if a James Bond joined the cast of Deadpool 2 in the role of Cable?
A photo, a single photo posted on the Twitter account of Ryan Reynolds and it is the planet that moves! While production of Deadpool 2 started and the first details of the plot come to us, Ryan Reynolds did today something that will get people talking for days. En route for hours and hours of speculation! You know, Cable Deadpool will be in 2 , and since the information was confirmed, everyone wants to know who is the actor who will lend his features. What if it was Pierce Brosnan? The actor who has shone for his performance of James Bond appears alongside the star of Deadpool and more exciting yet, he is sandwiched between Ryan Reynolds and … Hugh Jackman. Can we imagine the best?
The three actors are perhaps brought together by a simple contest of circumstances, but why tease the fans this way? If Pierce Brosnan was not among the favorite candidates to play Cable, now that the idea is submitted to us, we are for … But hey, chances are that this photo remains a simple photo, a good time between 3 Actors … So much Teasing, we can do more! Meanwhile more details on Cable, discover which characters will be back in 2 Deadpool ! Would you like to see Pierce Brosnan as Cable?