Deadpool 2: Even more action than in the first movie!

Cinema 3 April, 2017

If you were worried about the sequel to Deadpool, no more need. Director David Leitch promises a film with even more action. And always as borderline in humor.
If the characters in Deadpool 2 are likely to be darker , do not worry, which made the success of the first film will also be of the party. Starting with his very violent and well-gored action scenes that ranked the film in R-rated! Moreover, it will be even more crazy than the first film , according to the recent remarks of director David Leitch . Interviewed by Empire magazine , the latter has indeed entrusted that there would be “more action in the continuation ” . He added that the stunts will be done in particular by the studio 87Eleven, the school of combat choreographies that David Leitch directs with his co-director John Wick , Chad Stahelski. Besides John Wick , they are notably behind the waterfalls and action scenes of X-Men Origins: Wolverine or, planned for this summer, Atomic Blonde . In other words, stylish fights that send heavy are to be expected in Deadpool 2!
As for the tone of the first film, do not worry either, the black and well-borderline humor of our tongue-tight superhero will be well back too. David Leitch made it clear that he would obviously not touch it. “The completely irreverent tone is what seduced me in Deadpool’s first film. I want to respect what they have done and, at the same time, I hope to expand the universe , “he said. Phew, here we are relieved! Darker characters, even more action and always as borderline, that gives us water to mouth! Remains still to give us an exit date and a title, and to find the actor who will embody Cable! Shooting should begin this summer, so we may know more by then. Waiting, We can always look at the first teaser of Deadpool 2, unveiled at the release of Logan! And you what do you think ?