Deadpool 2: Jack Kesy cast in the role of Black Tom Cassidy?

Cinema 29 May, 2017

The cast of Deadpool 2 has just expanded with the arrival of Jack Kesy (The Strain). And according to the rumors, this one could well interpret the evil Black Tom Cassidy.
Now that Ajax (Ed Skrein) is dead and buried and that Wade Wilson has had his revenge, against whom exactly will he exercise his mercenary talents? Because it must be admitted, the news at this level are rather rare! Certainly, we learned that several members of the cast of the first film would be back in Deadpool 2, starting with the somewhat strange colocate of our mutant, Al. And then there is of course the arrival in the cast Of Josh Brolin , who raised the enthusiasm of the internet. But since then, we have remained a bit on our hunger, contenting ourselves with images that the latter wants to post well of his training. Well, that was until today! Because yes, the meltynauts, Another actor has just joined the cast of Deadpool 2 and speculation goes on about the character he is supposed to play ! And it is thus of Jack Kesy, especially known for his role in the horror series of Guillermo del Toro, The Strain , in which it is concerned .
According to information circulating on the internet, the actor would have joined the cast to lend his features to a certain Black Tom Cassidy . And there, the fans of Deadpool among you certainly come to listen carefully to the utterance of that name. For in the comics, Black Tom Cassidy is in fact a very regular enemy of our mercenary with the sharp tongue. And his trick is to form a bond with the plants by which he can then project energy. Yes, we saw less original as super-powers … Of course, we can not yet be 100% sure that Jack Kesy will play Black Tom Cassidy, even if this hypothesis is still the strongest. But there, right away, We can imagine the jokes a little muddy that Wade Wilson could swing to an opponent who uses the plants to do the evil … Anyway, one can however be certain that Jack Kesy will succeed Ed Skrein in the role of Nasty in Deadpool 2, whose US release date has been announced ! Do you know Black Tom Cassidy?