Deadpool 2: Kerry Washington (Scandal) in the role of Domino?

Is Deadpool 2 about to welcome the Scandal star in his casting? The rumor announces that yes!
Deadpool is surrounded by cool people! While the Deadpool 2 production has started , there are more and more rumors about the casting. Fans are waiting to know whether or not the former James Bond Pierce Brosnan will lend his traits to Cable, a character they really look forward to see fit for the movie. The film team had announced that several characters would be in attendance for this new adventure of the “superhero” borderline and especially Domino which could be interpreted by Kerry Washington . If nothing has been confirmed at the moment, nothing more was needed for the fans to let go and imagine what the actress might look like in this role.
For the less rigorous in Comics, Domino is none other than the ally of Cable, a mutant able to play on the probability and that can thus create an incredible chance to him. She is also very good at fighting and knows how to handle firearms perfectly. We do not know about you, but we’re really looking forward to the official casting rumors to get a better idea of ​​what Ryan Reynolds and the film team are preparing for. While waiting to learn more, we propose you to discover what Pierce Brosnan in Cable might look like in Deadpool 2 ! Imagine Kerry Washington in Domino?

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