Deadpool 2: Must we expect references to the success of the first film?

Cinema 21 January, 2017

Deadpool was a real success at the cinema when it was released. And Wade Wilson, with his usual biting irony, might well refer to the subject in Deadpool 2!
Deadpool has lots of recognizable traits. His red and black costume, on the one hand, which entirely conceals his body and even his face (so much so that one still wonders how he is speaking), his two weapons, which he uses with deadly efficiency, And its incredible ability of generation that makes it almost immortal. But there is also another characteristic that distinguishes him from the all-coming superheroes. The editorial ‘of melty obviously wants to talk to his habit to speak to the audience , whether to comment on what he does or to deliver sometimes downright dubious advice! He did it without the slightest restraint in his first film and it is therefore expected that he does not hesitate to start again afterwards. We know that 3 characters Deadpool will be back in 2 Deadpool , Wade Wilson that should not fail to highlight when the intersect. We know the energetic! But is it to be expected that the mutant will also refer to the success of the first film and the fact that it has a right to a sequel? Ryan Reynolds is here to give us some guidance on this!
And like you might expect, the answer to this question is obviously ” yes “! If he does not perhaps evoke the Oscar season – some think that Deadpool could win one or two – it is clear that Wade Wilson will bounce’s impact his movie. Ryan Reynolds , who brilliantly brought to life the character and the site says Variety: ” I do not know if he will talk about the awards season, but perhaps he will discuss how the year was great. Deadpool then show perhaps even more disgusted with himself . “. That would look like him, indeed! Anyway, knowing the character, it is difficult to imagine missing one or two references to the success of his first film. He’re used bragging or being used contrary to regret his new level of popularity and the pressure that goes with it remains to be seen . After all, the life of Wade Wilson is far from funny, despite the very sarcastic side of the character! Anyway, with his usual disrespect and verve, he will not fail to swing a few well-felt gulps about it. And maybe even he take the opportunity to discuss the departure of Tim Miller, who was to perform Deadpool 2 before dropping the case. With the mutant, you are never immune to anything! What did you think of the first Deadpool?