Deadpool 2: Screenwriters compare film to MCU and DCU

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Let the fans be reassured: Deadpool 2 will not look like the MCU or the DCU. These are the writers of the next adventure of the anti-hero who say it!
Launched several years ago with Iron Man , Marvel Cinematic Universe was able to grow before being joined by his rival always, the DC Comics Universe. Deadpool , including the rights to the cinema not belong to Marvel Studios, but the Fox, would have nothing to do with the two previous world from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick . The two men are the writers of Deadpool 2 wherein a James Bond could play Cable , and set the record straight in a recent interview about the MCU, DCU and other superhero movie “Marvel Cinematic Universe has a The DC Comics Universe has its own tone, often dark and squeaky.The X-Men are in between being neither funny nor light, without falling into the darkness of the DCU.
“With Deadpool 2, we’ve found our own tone and will come up with something new, we have not seen Logan but we think we’ve come up with two different approaches. conscious and Rated-R. We want to create a universe by focusing on the different films without worrying about a big threat that will face our heroes ” . The writers say it themselves: do not expect to see several films every year Thanos nor as a “final boss” . Deadpool 2, which could offer a boyfriend Wade Wilson , adopt its own superhero movies of approach. An approach already begun in the first film … What do you think?