Deadpool 2: Shury Kutsuna joins the cast in a key role

Cinema 13 June, 2017

Another actress by the name of Shiori Kutsuna has just joined the cast of Deadpool 2. And if the name of his character remains unknown, it would seem that he holds a key role.
The Deadpool star is Deadpool, there’s no need to nibble. This does not mean that other characters can not evolve around him. You know, just history to make it shine a little more. The first film allowed us to discover some protagonists in color, starting with Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Weasel (TJ Miller). So inevitably, it is expected that his suite will do as well and offer us a gallery of tasty second roles! For now, of course, the film is still at the casting stage and it is often difficult to know exactly what role the various actors who join it will appear. As is the case, for example, with Jack Kesy, Who finds himself in Deadpool 2 ‘s role as the villain without actually knowing the identity of the latter. And it is obviously the same for the new head that comes today to add . For you picture, the meltynautes, that a young actress named Shiori Kutsuna has just added to the cast of Deadpool 2 !
Shuri Kutsuna will be making his debut internationally alongside Josh Brolin, who will lend his features to Cable in Deadpool 2 , Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller. Impossible to say for now what kind of role will the young woman hold. But according to the information circulating, the character of Shiori Kutsuna should occupy an important place in the plot of the film . And given the number of superheroes and secondary protagonists that exist in the Marvel universe, there is plenty to speculate. Perhaps she will lend her features to a member of the X-Force, The group of mutants who must take his first steps on the big screen in Deadpool 2 ? Anyway, we cross the fingers to have a little more information about his character and those around him soon! What do you think ?