Deadpool 2: The Coloc ‘a little weird of the hero of return

Cinema 20 April, 2017

The news about Deadpool 2 is getting more and more numerous and we confirm today the return of Blind Al!
Deadpool will be well surrounded! Ryan Reynolds will be back to once again interpret Marvel Fox’s hyper borderline hero and we now know the names of the characters to which he will give the reply. Cable, played by Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2 , and Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, are part of it and we can now add the name of Blind Al aka the strange colocate of Wade Wilson. Good ok, it is not really a hyper important character in the plot, but the exchanges between these two are really funny and suddenly this announcement pleases us! In comics the relationship between these two characters is quite different and very complicated.
Are you told? At the base Wade Wilson was supposed to kill Al, but finally decided to let her live for, several years later, kidnap her. He then transformed her into a mixture of prisoner and housekeeper. In the film the two characters meet through the classifieds and without being as unhealthy as their story in comics, the two characters keep a very strange but very funny alchemy. Another character also returns, that of Morena Baccarin aka Vanessa and the actress recently teased her evolution in Deadpool 2 .