Deadpool 2: The possibility of a crossover with Wolverine evoked by the writers

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Is it really impossible to make a crossover with Deadpool and Wolverine? The writers of Deadpool 2 come back on the question!
And then, a few random words and fans of Deadpool and Wolverine began to imagine the two characters together again (but more successfully this time!) On the big screen. The fantasy (almost) final, in short . Unfortunately, in order for the mutants to cross each other in a film, and to do so in a coherent way, one would first have to overcome some obstacles, or even … restructure all the plans that Fox could think of for its franchises stemming from the X-Men World! Deadpool screenwriters 2, which compared the film with those of the MCU and DCEU , are also back on the issue in an interview for the website The Playlist. Because it must be admitted that a crossover Deadpool / Wolverine, it makes envy! We already know that Deadpool will not appear in Logan , despite the rumors that have circulated on the net about it, Rhett Reese explaining naturally the dark atmosphere of the film does not match the character of Deadpool frankly : ” The tones are Just too different, I’m not sure where this rumor came from, but Hugh and Ryan are really close and they really want to work together and they really want to see their two characters together, so maybe in the long run this rumor could materialize and maybe they will make a film together, but this film is not Logan. and no, not even in a post-credit scene. ” .
Note, however, that the idea of a crossover between Wolverine and Deadpool is not totally excluded . It may not happen at all, but it’s POSSIBLE. Rhett Reese explains that such a film would be difficult to introduce in the various franchises Fox ” . I do not think any of us have worked in thinking that a crossover between Deadpool and Wolverine would be possible so we have not plan on it. But if it were to happen, then we would have seriously reconsider the general architecture of our stories . “. Paul Wernick, another writer of Deadpool 2 , himself is much more enthusiastic … and much more positive ! ” We go back a long way since 2009, in the days when we could not take off the film. And having this duo? It would be absolutely brilliant if Hugh could raise Wolverine and include it in the world of Deadpool. Without Besides Ryan did everything he could for us to. and with a little luck, the audience will be with us and we will convince Hugh rethread the costume one last time . “he said To The Playlist.
For it must be clear that if Ryan Reynolds is a crossover between Deadpool and Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is more hesitant , since he decided to say goodbye to the mutant after leaving Logan . But if studios, screenwriters and Ryan Reynolds succeeded in convincing him, then the question of coherence between the two universes would arise. This should not prevent us from dreaming ! After all, Ryan Reynolds has he failed to achieve a miracle by wearing FINALLY a movie Deadpool awesome and crazy big screen? Perhaps it will repeat the feat in the case of a possible crossover. In any case, the meltynauts, we really have only one thing to do: wait and hope! Would you like to see a crossover between the two characters?