Deadpool 2: The return of 3 characters confirmed!

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Surprise, three characters from the Deadpool movie will make their big comeback in Deadpool 2. What definitely give Wade Wilson the opportunity to well pay their heads!

Ah, sacred Deadpool! There are not two like him! It is very simple, of all the mutants that exist in the universe Marvel, it is the most disrespectful, the least orthodox, the most ridiculous of all. So much so that he prefers to play solo rather than turn to all those X-Men full of good feelings. Well, of course, that did not prevent him from recruiting – a bit against his will, the very honest Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) and the sulky Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) in his quest to put the Hand on Ajax. And that’s how the Deadpool movie made the connection to the larger X-Men universe set up by Fox. And do not worry, the meltynauts, the rest of the film intends to keep this connection! Not only firewall that Wolverine 3 could well be related to Deadpool 2 thanks to Cable but also because the two mutant Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead will also make their comeback !
Speaking to Collider, the two screenwriters of Deadpool 2 , Paul Wernick and Rhett Weese, have indeed confirmed the information, even if they have refused to discuss other details. But for mutants, Paul Wernick has indeed said: ” Yes, they will make at least one appearance .”. Well, they may not have a very big role, but so much the worse. The dynamic between Wade Wilson and his two companions were absolutely brilliant and just waiting: our mercenary sharp tongue again crosses their path! Above all he could learn to work in teams, which would be quite useful if he is found in the following Deadpool 2 with X-Force that Fox would seek to implement. But imagine, the meltynauts, that they will not be the only characters of the first film to return in the sequel.
Because yes, another protagonist (very) secondary Deadpool – with which we have much sympathy – should make a remarkable comeback. And we want to mention here … Dopinder (Karan Soni), the friendly taxi driver who embarks Deadpool whenever it wants to go break the bad guy ! Again, this is Paul Wernick who confirmed the presence of the character, the site Nerdist this time, revealing: ” It will be well into later .”. This gives us the opportunity to see if Deadpool’s advice on love has served him well. Or if he did not finish in prison for having followed them! With the return of these characters, one can in any case be sure that Wade Wilson will benefit to swing a few valves well felt on their return. What other characters in the first movie would you like to see?