Deadpool 2: The writers promise darker characters

The Deadpool sequel is much talked about as fans hope for a film as good as the first. The good news is that the writers are on the spot!
What to expect for Deadpool 2? The highly anticipated sequel to one of the biggest hits in 2016 is a lot of talk. While Deadpool was making his big comeback in a first teaser unveiled for the release of Logan , the rumors about the casting and the film continue to circulate. We know that the mutant will be joined in his new adventures by Cable and Domino, but we do not yet know in what troubles he will plunge nor what other mutants could show their heads. The writers of Deadpool 2 are currently in full promotion for the film Life and agreed to deliver some details of what awaits us in this new film.
Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick said: “Cable and Domino attract attention, but there will also be darker characters, characters that real fans know because, after all, we need a new villain. We also need nice to complete Deadpool ” . We do not know for you, but we really look forward to discovering who the new characters will be! While waiting to learn more, we propose you to discover who is Domino, the mutant who join the adventure in Deadpool 2 .

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