Deadpool 2: What place will the X-Force play in the film?

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Will the X-Force stay long in the shadow of Deadpool? The writers at work behind the impertinent hero of the Fox have brought some elements of answer.
Totally crazy, sassy, squarely hit … The adjectives do not fail to set Deadpool since his sensational arrival in the dream team of superheroes to the movies! And in the line of his colleagues Marvel or DC Comics, Fox seems to have decided to offer him the opportunity to meet a superhero band, the X-Force . You know, the return of 3 characters has already been confirmed in Deadpool 2 . But what about the premises of the X-Force, whose myth should be exploited in the third film where Ryan Reynolds holds the poster? What can we expect from the side of the X-Force in Deadpool 2 ? Well, to a limited role of the superhero team, according to the writers at work, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. “We have a responsibility with the X-Force universe, and I think we will not let the fans go to see Deadpool 2 … Its goal is not to set up the X-Force. sort of the X-Force, but we do not conduct the film thinking only number 3 ” , have thus expressed the writers to Collider .
So, it is clear: the Fox concocts a good result Deadpool 2 with X-Force , but the film will be primarily that of Wade Wilson! And that is rather good news, because we must admit that if we push the door of the cinema, it is first to regain his hilarious personality. We should not be disappointed because obviously Paul Wernick intends to integrate the wider universe of X-Forces Deadpool delicately (yes, Deadpool and delicacy in the same sentence, it can be weird). “We do not want to put the cart before the horse, we want to tell the best story about Deadpool, but I think we have a responsibility to think of a wider world, like Marvel, and put the coins in place ” , affirmed the writer. Before adding, “we are really determined to make sure that Deadpool is primarily a film about Deadpool” . The X-Force will still have to show a little patience and let Deadpool break the screen! So, eager to see how the X-Force will be introduced in the Deadpool suite?