Deadpool : Donald Glover tâcle the Fox after the cancellation of the animated series

Cinema 29 March, 2018






We talked about it a few days ago, Deadpool was soon to know the honors of a cartoon aired on the channel FX, and supervised, and interpreted, by Donald Glover. Except that no, in fact.

We were a little surprised when it was learned, but the Fox has well and cut the valves in relation to the cartoon Deadpool which was to be currently in production. While we wait on a firm footing Deadpool 2 the movies, Donald Glover was supposed to take care of this anime adaptation with his brother Stephen. Until a few days ago where the Fox has canceled the project.



In question, the famous dispute-creative-as-usual passe-partout of the cancellation of a project, but also the fact that Donald Glover could not dedicate themselves fully, due to lack of time. We also had said that it was not too serious in the background because that Deadpool had not begun its production, and that no scenario had been prepared.

A version that is not to the liking of Donald Glover, because it had been counter-attacking via a series of tweets to give his version of the facts. Thus we learn that the issue of the schedule may be a false problem :

“For your information, I’m not too busy for me to take care of Deadpool.”


Donald Glover


And, just to drive the point home, the actor then posted a series of tweets which are actually the pages of an episode of the series, in which Marvel takes for his grade. Thus, our hero finds himself in Africa to protect the last northern white rhino male, Sudan, who died last week. And her character is the voice of the author smashing, as usual, the fourth wall :

“What ? That is what I said about Marvel ? All I said is that Marvel is trying to sell toys to 7 year olds and pedophiles 50 years.”

A joke which, as can be imagined, had to grind a few teeth but that does not prevent the writer from continuing his little game :



“One has the impression that everyone wants to do something different but nobody wants to do things differently to get there. Marvel hasn’t he enough successful programs, and bienpensants that everyone supports but no one is looking ? I mean, I think that our show could be fun. I just wanted a place to be honest. And I think that this place is Freeform.”

Remember, Freeform is a broadcasting platform to a digital one, formerly known as ABC Family, Disney property. A place well known for its programs harmless and its series public. So yes, we like it we do fed up with this second degree, but it is necessary to believe that the executives of Fox and Marvel have forgotten their humor by putting their suit and this morning. Damage.