Deadpool, The Fantastic Animals, Rogue One … The best scenes from 2016 films in GIF

Cinema 29 December, 2016

The year 2016 is coming to an end with the meltynauts! And history to finish it in beauty, we decided to offer you an anthology of the best scenes that we saw in the cinema in 2016, summarized in GIF.
If the year 2016 was marked by some horrors that we would prefer to forget, it also offered us some moments of happiness and joy, especially in the cinema. Yes, because as to change our ideas, the films of this 2016 rhymed with action and humor, for us to impress with “Oooooh” and “Aaaaah” and “What the fuck!” , Or still make us laugh to no end, with superheroes with well placed replicas , very original dances, hilarious characters or situations rather funny! In short, films that made us dream, cry, smile, blush, laugh and surprise us. At the end of the year, the editing of melty has therefore wanted to remember them, those moments that have most marked us. Funny, touching and badass, here are the ten best scenes we have ever seen in cinema in 2016 , summarized in GIF.
1 / When Channing Tatum makes tap dances in Ave, Caesar! Because we thought that it could be nice to reproduce for the 31.
2 / When Deadpool puts tremendous beating Ajax to minions . Both violent and humorous, this scene perfectly sums up the spirit of the film!
3 / When Ant-Man meets Captain America in Captain America 3: Civil War and he can not stop to shake his hand or touch him so he is excited. Because, let’s face it, it’s surely the reaction we would all face Steve Rogers.
4 / When Wonder Woman comes to the rescue of Batman and Superman . Between its holding his sword, his super-powers and acrobatics, no more badass .
5 / When Quicksilver offers a new scene in slow motion in X-Men Apocalypse . We already loved that of X-Men Days of Future Past , but it is even more powerful because it allows to save all mutants children before Charles Xavier School does not end in ashes. Heroic.
6 / Almost all the scenes with Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad . But we have our small preference for that of the elevator, when it quietly breaks down the wicked who attack it, while continuing to go about its occupations. Epic.
7 / When Bridget Jones asks the Doctor Rawling replay the same scene for Mark Darcy and Jack , the second potential father of her child. Emma Thompson is great in this scene and we laughed a lot. Even though, it must be admitted, Bridget Jones Baby was filled with scenes to die of laughter.
8 / When Norbert dragonet finds himself having to make a courtship to coax the eruption – the creature that resembles a rhino – in Central Park. We particularly loved the moment when Eddie Redmayne puts his buttocks forward. Warning: this scene is not to reproduce in your home, or really as a last resort during a date that looks bad.
9 / When Vaiana meeting Maui , “shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and the sea” . Oh, and we forgot “idol of men” . And women. Between the non-feigned narcissism of Maui and the perplexity of Vaiana, this scene is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious of the animated feature!
10 / And to finish the year in style, we obviously could not mention the scoring return of Darth Vader in movies, Star Wars: Rogue One . And what a return! He made only two appearances in the film, but most striking. Especially the first, when he amuses himself to strangle the vile Orson Krennic by his simple Strength, offering us in passing one of his most scathing replies. Mythical. And you, what scenes have you most marked this year?