Deadpool & Wolverine united in a movie: Ryan Reynolds is for, Hugh Jackman hesitates

Cinema 4 January, 2017

Will the dream of many fans come true one day? Will Deadpool and Wolverine be brought to the screen for an unforgettable adventure?
This is THE NEW that we all hope to hear one day, that glorious moment when the Fox would announce the film in which Deadpool and Wolverine would be reunited for an incredible and borderline adventure. Unfortunately that day has not yet arrived and maybe it will never happen and there suddenly we are hyper sad thinking about that. Deadpool had an exceptional year 2016 and Ryan Reynolds was even named Best Actor at the Golden Globes, a first for a superhero. While Hugh Jackman is preparing for his final adventure as Wolverine cinema in Logan , Ryan Reynolds denied that Deadpool would be part of the adventure. Can our dream come true?
While Ryan Reynolds recently announced that he insisted that Deadpool and Wolverine share a movie , Hugh Jackman him, recently more reserved. He said the site Variety: “I hesitate because I really think it would be great, but the timing is not really good” . Yes, Fox has perhaps awakened a little too late, but fortunately Ryan Reynolds did not intend to admit defeat so quickly since he announced: “I do not know if I can to change his mind (…), but I will not hesitate to use our friendship to persuade him to make another movie ” . Ryan is counting on you!