Dear White People: 3 reasons to watch the new Netflix series!

Cinema 29 April, 2017

Dear White People, the new satirical comedy Netflix is ​​available since this morning on the site, and here’s why you absolutely must watch it!
At the moment Netflix’s program is rather busy as new series arrive almost weekly and this is not about to calm down in the months to come. If last week you were invited to discover Girlboss , it is today to the comedy Dear White People that we will be interested. It is a satirical show inspired by the eponymous movie released in 2014. After making the film Dear White People, for which he received an award at the Sundance Festival in 2014, Justin Simien decided to adapt his story under the Serial format, on Netflix, with 10 episodes on the counter . The series has been available since this morning on the VOD platform and we strongly recommend you take a look – and even put on the episodes this weekend . To convince you, Melty’s editorial offers you three reasons why Dear White People is the next show you need to watch – guaranteed without spoilers!
Reason # 1: It’s hilarious . Dear White People is a satire and she offers us a sarcastic and stripping humor that supports where it hurts. We laugh a lot in front of the episodes – there is a parody of Scandal that you are not ready to forget – and this allows us to quickly attach to the characters. Everyone takes it for his grade, in particular because the series uses humor and satire to draw our attention to important subjects and which must be put forward. This is what leads us to our second argument. Reason 2: The series addresses crucial and current issues such as identity, ethnicity, racism, social, racial and cultural discrimination, etc. You will understand, again, the series spares nothing and nobody and addresses these problems in an intelligent and necessary way, especially in an America now led by Donald Trump. And neither is France exempt from the need to raise these problems and questions.
With a predominantly African-American cast, Dear White People fired the shots and showed us a whole range of characters, all as different and interesting as each other. More than ever we need these series that offer a different representation of what we usually see when we turn on our TV. Reason # 3: Beyond laughter and political and societal messages, Dear White People is also a series on the transition to adulthood as we follow these university students who all seek a place in society To which we can all identify. It is a show centered on its characters and one feels very quickly involved and invested in their daily lives, following their aspirations, their problems, Their romantic life and of course their relationship with others. You will understand , Dear White People is a little favorite for us. Funny, scathing, touching and strong, she will certainly not leave you indifferent. And if you have not already done so, you are also invited to discover Girlboss, with Britt Robertson, on Netflix . Will you watch Dear White People? On Netflix . Will you watch Dear White People? On Netflix . Will you watch Dear White People?