Death in Nightmare in the kitchen: Philippe Etchebest close to the clan of the deceased

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

The chef confided …
On 3 January, Jean-Michel Rétif, one of the candidates of Nightmare in the kitchen , was found dead – it would be a suicide – in his establishment. Philippe Etchebest who had assisted the restaurant manager the fireside in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), in February 2016 had been upset by this tragedy.
The next day, the famous chef was also expressed to our colleagues in Paris and was found to have telephoned the family of the restaurateur: ” This tragedy touched me deeply, but I think first of the family J ‘. had his wife and daughter on the phone yesterday, it is a tragedy for them, I tried to comfort them the best, but what about in these cases … Fred [cook, Ed] in which j ‘have also spoken, does not understand what happened. I regularly Jean-Michel on the phone, I was proud of his work. now we have to respect the grief of the family . ”
On January 18, fifteen days after the death of Jean-Michel Rétif, the juror of Top Chef whose new edition will begin on January 25 , contacted by telephone by the team Grand Direct Media on Europe 1, said he was still in contact with relatives of the deceased. ” It’s true that, I voted, my words are with the family. I had Francoise no longer on the phone the day before yesterday, and I have a big thought for them . “