Death of Carrie Fisher: Disney will pocket a sacred pact!

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

It is glaucous but true …
The disappearance of Carrie Fisher ( died December 27 following a attack ) will he bring money seems to Disney. Why ? Recall that the actress embodied the famous Princess Leia in the saga Star Wars which Disney now owns the rights since the purchase of Lucasfilm. Before leaving his family brutally, Carrie Fisher had signed a contract to shoot the last two episodes of the last trilogy, the VIII and IX.
Given the importance of the saga, Disney had agreed to exceptional assurances of its key players, including Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. The American press reports today that the unexpected death of Fisher should bring $ 50 million to Disney, according to the terms of the insurance policy contracted by the group. The American studio had taken out a contract with the insurance market Lloyd’s of London, setting up a procedure for compensation in case of accident of the actress outside or during filming. Insurance had worked especially when Harrison Ford was the victim of an accident on the set that had immobilized him for many weeks. But the note had not proved too salty for the insurance, especially since there had been a trial.
This astronomical amount of $ 50 million, unprecedented by The Guardian , was advanced by the website The Insurance Insider . Unofficial therefore (especially since the autopsy has not yet been realized), it does not surprise some specialists Hollywood. Because ensuring its actors is commonplace (especially older or at risk, such as pregnant women). We must reassure investors in case of natural disasters, serious accidents … or anything that could jeopardize a shoot, delay it or cancel it.
Disney has so far not commented on the revelations of The Insurance Insider while the studio, mourns the loss of his actress is considering how to adopt to replace in the Episode IX it has not Had time to turn …