Death of Carrie Fisher: “Electroshock has ended my depression”

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

With an open heart in one of her last interviews, she talks about her mental suffering.
Carrie Fisher was born in a Hollywood cocoon, with a movie icon mother who just died , Debbie Reynolds ( Singin ‘in the rain ), and singer father, Eddie Fisher, remarried with another star and friend of the family, Elizabeth Taylor . But this golden environment did not prevent her from experiencing mental suffering. The legendary Princess Leia of Star Wars in talks without taboos in one of his last interviews before it disappears , that sad December 27 to 60.
In Rolling Stone , Carrie Fisher talks about his addictions at first remembering a board she would like to be given: ” Do not you fucks your whole fucking life And I screwed. . my whole fucking life must learn, and unfortunately some of us need a lot of lessons to make the right choice. “it was not close to death that the actress touched drugs:” I suffers from mood disorders, whereas drugs have probably preserved me the most intense feelings. And I loved LSD . ”
Carrie Fisher has publicly discussed his bipolar disorder , becoming one of the first celebrities to speak openly and to raise awareness on the issue. We remember an issue of the American channel ABC, 20/20 , and that of Stephen Fry. The British actor had explained that her friend Carrie was not mad enough to be interned, but not sane enough to lead a normal life.
In Rolling Stone ‘s mother, Billie Lourd back on the delicate subject she suffered electric shocks, to end misconceptions as seizures and the fact that it is used as punishment in psychiatric asylums. In his experience, ” It’s very gentle and effective At the time I did, I was depressed and it ended my depression drugs could not cure me the… therapy could not cure me. It healed me. ”
Cure, Carrie Fisher remained fragile. In 2013, she had been hospitalized after her strange performance on a cruise ship. According to her representative, her condition was caused by bipolar disorder which then required treatment in the hospital. Would his mental health also be related to his heart attack on the plane connecting London to Los Angeles? According to RadarOnline , citing his uncle, his crisis was caused by fatigue and intense trips. The Los Angeles Times said she was in great distress during his final flight and in critical condition at the time of hospitalization.