Death of Carrie Fisher: Who is Billie Lourd, his daughter, future star?

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

She is the only daughter of the actress who died at the age of 60 …
Suffered a heart attack on December 23, Carrie Fisher died a few days later, just 60 years old. The statement formalizing the departure of one that will remain forever Princess Leia Organa of the saga Star Wars was released through spokesman Simon Halls and it refers to the only daughter of the actress: ” It is with deep Billie Lourd sadness confirms the death of his beloved mother at 8:55 this morning. “Who is this young actress whose career takes off it?
Billie was born on July 17, 1992. Her father is artistic agent Bryan Lourd. In 2014, it is rumored that the young woman would make her screen debut of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Revival . The rumor proves to be true, but before this historic release, Billie landed a leading role in the new series of Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy ( Nip / Tuck , Glee , American Horror Story , but also American Crime Story ): Scream Queens . This series is a tribute to the queens screams in horror movies of 1980 Billie Lourd is played opposite actresses her age as Emma Roberts , Abigail Breslin , Lea Michele and Taylor Lautner , but also to “scream queen “cult of Halloween (Night of masks) John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis .
The series is parody, often heavy even, but Billie Lourd is without a doubt the funniest. In this pastiche of horror films, ultra-referenced, the young actress embodies Chanel # 2, the best friend of Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts). Emma Roberts and Lea Michele are often blown away by her detached look, her grave, dragging tone and her unlikely replies of a rich, deranged little girl. After a trauma, Chanel # 2 can not stand being touched anymore: in fact, during the two seasons of the series, Billie wears fur earmuffs. Obvious wink to the cult hairstyle of Princess Leia …
Between the release of two seasons of Scream Queens , the public met en masse in the cinema to see the expected Episode VII of the intergalactic saga. In the film, Billie Lourd plays Lieutenant Connix of the rebellion. And if Princess Leia hairstyle has changed as pointed out to him Han Solo ( Harrison Ford ) is Connix which sports two buttons on the sides of his head, making his brief appearance on screen a wink ‘Eye that did not go unnoticed in the hearts of fans of the saga. While promoting the film, Billie Lourd told in Entertainment Tonight that her mother begged her to watch the first trilogy when she was little.
Billie, like her mom Carrie Fisher, will be back in the Episode VIII , that Rian Johnson realizes. Also in Entertainment Tonight , the girl revealed that her mom was great in that movie: ” She tears This is even better and it is superb class!.! ” The film is currently in post-production. For now, it is impossible to say what impact the death of Carrie Fisher on following the saga … There remains the great sorrow of his mother Debbie Reynolds , her daughter Billie, his family and millions of admirers .
As for the careers of Billie, she could finally break away from any reference to the mythical role of his mother in Billionaire Boys Club James Cox, the true story of rich kids in Los Angeles in the early 1980s who ride a scam that will turn very bad.