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Entertainment 25 August, 2017


M Pokora has found the ear and the shoulder of Christina Milian for comfort from the death of his girlfriend, Emily D’angelo, who was his partner in the clip The World. The two artists became very close. The magazine Public gives more information on the sudden disappearance of the supermodel, who has suffered from eating disorders.

M Pokora is in mourning. Supported by his new girlfriend Christina Milian, who returned to the United States to comfort him, the singer is having a hard time recovering from the loss of his partner in the clip The World, Emily d’angelo. The model of 29 years died in the night of 19 August and 20 August. “It is the police who discovered unresponsive at his home. His family had no news for a few days and was worried about not being able to reach her by phone. At this point, investigators don’t know yet whether his death is accidental , “said a close to Public.

People magazine wonders about the state of psychological health of the young and on the possibility that the top model has put an end to his days. In fact, one of her friends has posted a message on his page Facebook that touches on this issue: “This morning, I am overwhelmed. I am upset because you haven’t built enough light. Because this is not enough to deter those who want to go (…). I think. That it was not the right. Stop in so good way. I think it’s forbidden. “

Her ex-boyfriend Fabien abounded in this sense. “We went out together a year ago. Our history has lasted for about four months. At the time, she was already very thin and complained of his physical. She ate in my presence but I could not monitor the day to check if she is fed properly, he says. I had news last July by way of a photographer with whom we had collaborated. He told me that Emily was very tired and was shaking during the shooting. He was worried of his condition”, he remembers. “It is the neighbour above who has taught me the new. I can’t believe it, “he says, still shocked by the event.

M Pokora

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